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Children and Youth Psychosocial Support Programs



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Our organization teams have been authors and carriers of projects in psychosocial support for marginalized groups especially children and youth since the association was founded.

NGO “SUSRET“ systematically works with children and youth especially in vulnerable  groups of children and youth who are in risk about normal psychosocial development such as children and youth without parental care, refugees and displaced children and youth, children and youth victims of domestic violence.

NGO  “SUSRET” is the member of the European Play Association (e.p.a.) network which is gathering organizations from 17 countries aiming to promote PLAY as the working method with jeopardized children as well as  the constructive communication tool for various groups, nations and individuals (e.p.a. motto is “Building Bridges Playfully”). “SUSRET” is the member of the Reformist Educational Circles (Reformski obrazovni krugovi) – network of local organizations focused on promotion of modern education and preserving and further development of Education Reform in Serbia.

All activities performed by “SUSRET” for the participants of the “SUSRET” programs are interactive and totally optimized for focus group needs and characteristics. Workshop is the common form of the work emphasizing psychotherapeutic component among other usual elements of the method. Workshops are to be performed in small and medium groups (8-10 or 15-20 participants). All participants including the moderators are equal and actively participate in the workshop. Group work demands atmosphere of confidence, openness and mutual respect achieved through the process of recognizing the similarities and differences among the group members. One can learn more rapidly about oneself and the relations with the others through the group experience or improve social skills such as constructive communication and collaboration. Group is usually leaded by two moderators.

Psychotherapeutic approach in the Vulnerable Children and Youth Program gives opportunity to work in overcoming traumatic experiences. Beside that, one of the main goals in this kind of work is strengthening and developing of capacities and inner powers of children and youth e.g. their resiliency. “SUSRET” tend to support and strengthen children and youth – victims of the life difficulties (refugees, displaced children and youth as well as children and youth without parental care or victims of the domestic violence) - in achieving the rich and fulfilled life.

In the work process with children and youth “SUSRET” is using psychotherapeutic techniques of Psychodrama, Group analysis and Systemic Family Therapy.

Furthermore, “SUSRET” is proactive in animation of the social community to take the active part in discharging the difficulties that these groups of children and youth are facing. Great importance is given to the activities on affirmation of the vulnerable groups of children and youth and their full social integration.

Among other, “SUSRET” programs aim to promote best values of the civil society as well.