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Trainings for Human Resources Management in business

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Business Systems Trainings improves functionality of the organizations in the fields of team work, time management, self - management, communication skills of the employees and overcoming stress and burnout syndrome.

Business Systems Trainings are based on the expertise and assessment made by “SUSRET” trainers in the field of group and team work, communication, human resources and organizational functioning. These trainings can be organized in any organization willing to improve skills and knowledge of the employees and functionality of the working teams and organization in general.

Trainings covers area of: team work and team building, self management and time management, communication skills, assertiveness, stress and burnout syndrome reduction. Trainings are consisted of lectures and presentations, discussions and both individual and group exercises. All themes are covered with working materials and educative materials for all participants. Participants are evaluating and effects are monitored by trainers during the reasonable long period. Tending to improve efficiency of the trainings “SUSRET” offers special consultative services for organizations.